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Japan’s first! Signed the new standards of the United Nations Framework for Sport and Climate Action.

January 26 2022

Thank you for always supporting the Dolphins. This time, the Nagoya Diamond Dolphins signed the new standards of the United Nations Sports Climate Action Framework in response to the climate change issue, which is considered to be the most important item among the SDGs, and is a global campaign aiming for carbon neutrality (net CO2 emissions to zero) by 2050. We are happy to announce that you have joined the Race to Zero.

Japan’s first! Signed the new standards of the United Nations Framework for Sport and Climate Action.


The “Sports Climate Action Framework” is jointly led by the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) and the IOC (International Olympic Committee). It is a mechanism to deal with the problem of climate change. FIBA (World Basketball Federation), FIFA (World Football Federation), the Olympic Committees of each country, the NBA, the Golden State Warriors to which Stephen Curry belongs, the New York Yankees of MLB and Arsenal of the English Premier League, etc. I have committed to and signed the principles (*).

As part of the “Dolphins Smile” activities that started last season, the Dolphins were the first clubs affiliated with the first division of the Japanese professional sports world to sign as of December 2012, but it was newly announced at COP26 in November last year. We also committed to the two new standards that were announced and signed on December 28, last year. Japan will be the first to sign this new standard, and together with more than 60 global sports organizations that are already participating in the High-Ambition Track (a track that aims for high goals), we will continue to raise awareness for fans in the future. We aim to reduce annual emissions by 50% and achieve net zero emissions in 2040.

By participating in this High-Ambition Track, the Dolphins will also participate in the Race to Zero. Participation in the Race to Zero campaign is possible through official partners in each industry and country, and although there is a limit to one partner, the Dolphins have chosen to participate through the Sport Climate Action Framework. In order to respond to the acknowledgment and encouragement from the United Nations for the signing of this petition, we will work together with the global sports world on a new stage and take on this most important issue together with fans and local communities by utilizing the “power of sports.” increase.

"The Dolphins recognize that the 'Dolphins Smile' activity, which was launched two years ago, is the most important management issue, but we are focusing on climate change issues from a global perspective. We are committed to acting in solidarity with the global sporting community, and while the signing of this new standard will require an extra effort, we are committed to helping our fans and communities reach their true meanings, not just words. We will do our best to lead to a better future with the Dolphins.” Nagoya Diamond Dolphins Managing Director Yuki Yamashita

The Dolphins will continue to focus on initiatives related to various environmental issues, especially climate change. Let’s work together, aim to reduce CO2 emissions, and do our best to pass on the global environment to the future!

*About the United Nations Framework for Sport and Climate Action

About the five principles of the United Nations Framework for Sport and Climate Action
Click here

*About Race To Zero

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