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IWGA Publishes TWG 2022 Event Evaluation Report

December 20 2022

The World Games 2022 delivered substantial economic and social impacts

IWGA Publishes TWG 2022 Event Evaluation Report

The World Games held in Birmingham, AL, USA from 7 to 17 July 2022 provided an excellent competitive environment for 3,457 athletes from 99 nations and generated an economic impact of $165 million in the Birmingham-Hoover Metro Area, according to the evaluation report released today by the International World Games Association (IWGA).

The widespread impacts of The World Games 2022 (TWG 2022) were measured by Edinburgh-based Quantum Consultancy which produced an independent evaluation commissioned by the IWGA and the Birmingham Organizing Committee (BOC). A similar study was produced to assess the impact of the previous edition of The World Games and aimed to capture the diverse impacts that a multi-sport event such as The World Games generates on a local, national and international scale.

The 91-page report from TWG 2022 illustrates key data and insights across several categories of event impact: Economic and Tourism, Stakeholder Experience, Image and Reputation, Commercial and Marketing, Participation and Performance as well as Sustainability and Legacy.

Key Report Findings

  • Economic impact of $165 million (all outputs including direct, indirect and induced impacts).
  • Ticketed spectator attendance of 140,217.
  • 99,039 bed nights generated in the host economy by visiting spectators and accredited participants.
  • Event satisfaction rate of 91% for spectators and 86% for athletes.
  • TV audience reach of 268 million thanks to TV coverage from 19 broadcasters covering 61 territories.
  • 558,000 video views on the Olympic Channel.
  • Social media reach of 335 million users.
  • Participation of 3,457 athletes from 99 nations and six continents.
  • Extensive community engagement programmes and more than 7,600 volunteers supporting the delivery of the event.

To read the rest of the release please click on the link below

Read moreInternational World Games Association (IWGA)

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