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IOC launches Climate Action Awards

November 10 2022

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is looking to recognise National Olympic Committees (NOCs), International Federations (IFs) and Olympians and Paralympians for impactful projects to address climate change, by launching the Climate Action Awards.

IOC launches Climate Action Awards

An initiative supported by Worldwide Olympic and Paralympic Partners (TOPs) AirbnbP&G and Deloitte, the Awards are aimed at supporting NOCs, IFs and athletes in their efforts to manage their carbon emissions and understand their impact on the environment.

The Awards focus on three categories of actions, each supported by a relevant TOP Partner:

  • Climate Action x Sustainable Travel, supported by Airbnbrecognising innovative action and advocacy to travel more sustainably within the framework of the sports calendar.
    • Applications open to NOCs, IFs and Olympian/Paralympian athletes
  • Climate Action x Athlete Advocacy, supported by P&Gcelebrating commitment to citizenship with a specific focus on climate advocacy aimed at getting people and communities to take action.
    • Applications open to Paris 2024 athlete hopefuls
  • Climate Action x Innovation, supported by Deloitte: recognising innovation and education efforts focused on reducing emissions to create a more sustainable future.
    • Applications open to NOCs, IFs and Olympian/Paralympian athletes



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