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June 15 2023

The International Biathlon Union (IBU) and Biathlon Integrity Unit (BIU) are proud to announce the selection of new Athlete Ambassadors for the 2023-2025 period. These ambassadors serve as role models to their peers and the global Biathlon family. They have a powerful platform that can reach a broad community of fans and followers, and their voices can promote a culture that will continue to build trust and confidence in the sport of biathlon and its future.


By serving as Athlete Ambassadors, they will be using their voice to promote a culture that aims to build on the existing trust and confidence in the sport of biathlon. Their work will contribute to ensuring a better world for everyone.

Looking back at the last two years, the IBU has facilitated several initiatives under the Athlete Ambassadors program. These initiatives, ranging from educational sessions and workshops to seminars and conferences, have been key to raising awareness and educating the ambassadors about the strategies and action plans of the IBU. They have also been part of various communication campaigns and have actively participated in meetings and events like the IBSF-IBU Gender Equity Forum or the Sustainability Seminar in Oberhof during the World Championships 2023.

Sebastian Samuelsson, Athlete Ambassador for Integrity, shared his thoughts on the program, saying, “The IBU Ambassador program has been a great experience, both when it comes to raising important topics but also with the education that has been offered within the program.”

Similarly, Kelsey Dickinson, Athlete Ambassador for Gender Equality, expressed, “The IBU Athlete Ambassador Program was an amazing opportunity to be more connected and involved within the Biathlon Family. We collaborated on projects to educate and inform all stakeholders in the IBU to create positive change.”

Due to a limited amount of spots per area, the (new) IBU and BIU Athlete Ambassadors for 2023-2025 were chosen based on selection criteria provided upfront:


  1. Julian Eberhard (AUT)
  2. Sebastian Samuelsson (SWE)
  3. Anastasiya Merkushyna (UKR)
  4. Chloe Levins (USA)
  5. Lovro Planko (SLO)


  1. Thierry Langer (BEL)
  2. Jules Burnotte (CAN)
  3. Maya Cloetens (BEL)
  4. Ukaleq Slettemark (GRL)
  5. Jacques Jefferies (FRA)

Gender Equality

  1. Alla Ghilenko (MDA)
  2. Titus Clark (GBR)
  3. Kelsey Dickinson (USA)
  4. Regina Ermits (EST)

Ukaleq Slettemark, a new Athlete Ambassador for Sustainability, said: “Sustainability is a passion of mine, and I would like to promote it as much as possible. Biathlon is completely dependent on a future with snow and we have an opportunity to be a role model to other sports.”

The future of the programme promises further engagement of the Ambassadors in various meetings and events, providing them with opportunities to speak up and use their voice. The IBU will continue to educate them about its activities and encourage them to promote among their peers and the wider public. They will also be given opportunities to work on their own projects.

The Athlete Ambassador program is a testament to the IBU’s commitment to fostering positive change within the sport of biathlon and ensuring a better world for all.

Image: International Biathlon Union

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