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Honda Viltaïs Racing wins inaugural FIM EWC Cares Trophy

December 02 2023 - News Release News Editorial

Honda Viltaïs Racing is the winner of the inaugural FIM EWC Cares Trophy. An award presented to the FIM Endurance World Championship team that demonstrated an unrivalled commitment to sustainability during the 2023 season.

Honda Viltaïs Racing wins inaugural FIM EWC Cares Trophy

Created by championship promoter Warner Bros. Discovery Sports Europe (WBD Sports Europe), the FIM EWC Cares Trophy recognises the sustainable efforts of registered EWC teams.

Following a period of detailed assessment, Honda Viltaïs RacingTeam Bolliger Switzerland and Team Chromeburner-RAC41-Honda were shortlisted as the three finalists with Honda Viltaïs Racing selected as the winner ahead of second-placed Team Bolliger Switzerland and Team Chromeburner-RAC41-Honda, which finished third.

Gautier de Stoppani, CSR Director, Events Division, WBD Sports, said: “It was important to consider the overall impact on the community and environment when assessing the submissions of the three finalists. All three projects demonstrated a holistic approach and deep commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility, aligned with the overall spirit of the EWC Cares programme

“By supporting actions that go beyond motorsport, such as community engagement and education, the teams demonstrated a contribution to a broader vision of sustainability in sport. Their approach encompasses not only direct environmental responsibility but also social and educational impact, which is essential to promoting sustainability in motorsport.

“The initiatives of these teams serve as an example and inspiration for the entire community. By recognising their efforts, it encourages other teams to adopt sustainable practices in a broader context.

“We congratulate all finalists and acknowledge the submissions by other EWC teams.”

Yannick Lucot, Team Manager, Honda Viltaïs Racing, said: “We are particularly proud to win this first FIM EWC Cares Trophy. If it had to be demonstrated, it is possible to combine motorsport with social and environmental responsibility. This is the challenge of the survival of our sport and we can all do it.”

Kattia Juárez Dubón, Sustainability Director, Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM), said: “From establishing a climate strategy to developing EWC Cares and creating this trophy, the EWC has demonstrated its commitment to the FIM’s sustainability vision as the governing body of motorcycling.

“I strongly believe that sports have the power to transform attitudes and bring about a positive impact, not just on the environment but also on society. As a sports community, we have the power to achieve sustainable practices. By working together, embracing new technologies, shifting our attitudes, and recognising each other’s good practices, we can inspire positive action and secure the future of our sport. This is the spirit of our trophies.

“I am pleased to express my appreciation for the exemplary work of each participant who contributed to the FIM EWC Cares Trophy. Their efforts have contributed significantly to making the motorcycling community a positive force for change.”

Honda Viltaïs Racing’s Viltaïs Association was launched in 2003 and spearheaded by Yannick Lucot, plus young individuals engaged in reintegration programmes.

Since 2014, students pursuing their CQP (Certificat de Qualification Professionnelle) have been actively involved with the Viltaïs Racing team, gaining practical experience to validate their certification.

The Viltaïs Association is driven by a mission to innovate and address social needs in identifying housing and healthcare requirements. It provides training, mobility, and job reintegration services.

Operating in six regions and 23 departments across France, the Viltaïs Association offers more than 50 professions across five areas of expertise: housing, reintegration, asylum, refugees, professional insertion, and youth.

Its collaborative approach has led to customised solutions for beneficiaries, particularly in rural areas. Through Aménagerie & Co, Viltaïs Association is also committed to environmental sustainability and participates in circular economy activities, such as furniture recycling.

These efforts, which directly contribute to social integration, healthcare services, and community building, align with the values and objectives of the FIM EWC Cares Trophy.

Team Bolliger Switzerland and Team Chromeburner-RAC41-Honda were widely praised for their FIM EWC Cares Trophy submissions after finishing second and third respectively.

A stalwart independent Formula EWC entrant, Team Bolliger Switzerland donated funds to a local children’s hospice, consumed food sourced locally and switched to using recycled items to reduce waste amongst other initiatives detailed HERE.

One of the frontrunners in the FIM Endurance World Cup for Dunlop-equipped Superstock squads, Team Chromeburner-RAC41-Honda’s FIM EWC Cares Trophy entry was centred on five key missions, detailed HERE.

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