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Join Global Sustainable Sport today and and start on the road to becoming a Champion of Sustainability

Whether you are a sports fan, athlete, sports professional, federation, league, team, club, event, venue, city, government agency, brand, media or supplier you can MAKE A DIFFERENCE by joining GSS and help drive sustainability through sport.

GSS is now inviting organisations from all over the world to join the Champions of Sustainability Programme and participate in the Global Sustainable Sports Survey.

Global Sustainable Sport is also looking for partners to support the GSS Champions programme.

Join GSS today and MAKE A DIFFERENCE by becoming a Champion of Sustainability

GSSport Individual/Organisation Options


A variety of options for fans, students, athletes and sports professionals who want to learn more about sport and sustainability and help develop a more sustainable future through sport.


A range of options for sports federations, teams, leagues, clubs, events, cities, national government organisations, media agencies, brands and suppliers who want to develop their sustainability strategies.


GSSport offers a number of partnership opportunities for organisations involved in sport who want to MAKE A DIFFERENCE and help deliver a more sustainable future through sport.

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