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The Global Sustainable Sport (GSS) Network is your gateway to a sustainable future in sports.

We aim to unite the global community of sport and sustainability to drive impactful initiatives, foster collaboration, and promote eco-friendly practices across the industry.


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GSS Network Benefits

  • 12-Month Membership: Continuous access to all GSS Network resources.

  • GSS Champions of Sustainability Assessment Programme (CSAP): Comprehensive evaluation of your sustainability initiatives.

  • GSS Directory: Connect with hundreds of sustainability-focused organisations in sports.

  • Organisation Profile: Enhance visibility and showcase efforts within the network.

  • GSS Workshops and Events: Participate in online workshops and exclusive in-person events.

  • Sponsor a Not-For-Profit: Sponsor a Not-For-Profit through your membership fee and help them accelerate their sustainability activities.

  • GSS Educational Programme: Engage in initiatives to deepen your sustainability knowledge.

  • GSS Annual Reports: Stay informed with detailed annual insights on sustainability trends and in-depth analytics.

  • Latest Sustainability News: Access the latest news and features on sports sustainability from around the world.

  • In-Depth Features: Read in-depth features and analysis on the latest trends and developments in sport and sustainability

  • Weekly Newsletter: Receive our weekly sport and sustainability newsletter and get it delivered to your inbox every Thursday.

  • Promotional opportunities: Promote your organisation through the GSS platform and network.

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Our products and services help sports organisations take key steps to becoming more sustainable.

GSS Champions of Sustainability Assessment Programme (CSAP)


The GSS Champions of Sustainability Assessment Programme (CSAP) provides a high-level evaluation of an organisation’s sustainability initiatives based on the GSS 7 Sustainable Pillars of Sport.

The assessment programme analyses an organisation’s sustainability initiatives across a range of indicators for each pillar, assessing what stage an organisation has reached, and comparing it with other sports organisations.

This assessment helps identify areas for improvement and sets the foundation for further development through the GSS Champions programme.

Click here for more information about the Champions programme




GSS Directory




The GSS Global directory connects you with hundreds of like-minded, sustainability-focused organisations from all sectors of the sports industry worldwide.

The directory provides detailed profiles for each organisation with contact information enabling you to network with industry leaders in sport and sustainability.

Sign up to the GSS Network and connect your organisation to the global network of sport and sustainability.


GSS Workshops & Events


Gain insights and knowledge through our regular online workshops and in-person events.

Our GSSport24 Summer and Winter Workshop Series provide educational opportunities to enhance your sustainability initiatives, covering all aspects of sustainability.

The summer series is available online through the GSSport24 section of the GSS website.




GSS Education Programme




The GSS Educational Programme offers you the tools and knowledge to drive sustainability in your organisation, all while fitting seamlessly into your busy schedule with our self-paced, online courses.

The educational programme offers a solid, jargon-free understanding of sustainability in sport, ensuring you gain practical insights and actionable strategies.

Click here to learn more about the GSS Educational Programme


Sponsor a Not-For-Profit


Through your GSS Network membership you can sponsor a Not-For-Profit and provide them with free access to valuable services through GSS to help them develop their sustainability activities.

You can either nominate your own Not-For-Profit or GSS can provide a list of organisations that will receive free access to a range of GSS services courtesy of your membership fee.

Your membership fee will also support valuable academic research in the area of sport and sustainability, helping to support the uptake of sustainability activities within the sports industry.




GSS News, Features and Reports




Stay ahead with access to the latest sustainability news, in-depth features, weekly newsletters, and detailed GSS Annual Reports.

Our resources cover all aspects of sustainability in sport, keeping you informed and inspired throughout the year.

We produce a weekly newsletter that provides all the latest news and announcements from across the globe direct to your inbox.

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Promotion and Profile


Join the GSS Network and increase your organisation’s visibility in the world of sport and sustainability.

Showcase your sustainability activities in our global directory, website, and newsletters, and take advantage of promotional opportunities throughout the GSS platform.

Connect your organisation to the global world of sport and sustainability.




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