GSS nears crowdfunding target to develop ‘Sustainable Sports’ educational programme and provide free places to those who cannot afford to participate.

August 17 2023
GSS nears crowdfunding target to develop ‘Sustainable Sports’ educational programme and provide free places to those who cannot afford to participate.

With just two days to go, Global Sustainable Sport, in partnership with its sustainability educational experts Daniel Cade and Nico Decurtins, is close to reaching its targeted funding to support the development of its ‘Sustainable Sports’ educational programme and to provide free places to students and those who cannot afford the programme.

To date, the crowdfunding project has raised over €16,500, which is over 80% of its target. With a final push, it is hoped that the target of €20,000 will be surpassed by Friday 19th August.

GSS is appealing to its 4,000-plus registered readers to help support the development of its ‘Sustainable Sports’ educational platform, which will provide a valuable resource for the global sports industry in an area in which many individuals and organisations need urgent support and guidance.

Individuals or organisations who donate €125 will get one educational module, whilst a €500 donation provides a five-module pack or a €1,000 donation buys a full educational programme, all at a 50% discount.

For every €1,000 donated a free educational place will be provided to individuals and students who otherwise could not afford to register for the programme, but would benefit  significantly from being part of it.

Take advantage of the 50% discount by donating today and booking your place on the GSS Educational Programme to join the growing number of individuals and organisations who recognise the urgent need to address sustainability through sport.


GSS Educational Programme

The GSS Educational Programme will provide everything that is needed to understand the most important aspects of sport and sustainability, helping individuals and organisations to become GSS Champions of Sustainability. The self-paced online programme will equip sustainability managers, senior executives and industry professionals with insights into sustainability from renowned industry experts.

The programme allows for a customised curriculum approach, enabling individuals or organisations to create their own programmes of workshops and modules or to sign up to the whole course. The Core Modules are built upon one another, providing a solid roadmap to follow. The Deep Dive modules see industry experts provide insights into some of the most relevant areas of sustainability in sport.

Each module will take around 120-180 minutes and is composed of different elements such as videos, readings, quizzes and podcasts.

Supporting the educational modules will be workshops that are organised throughout the year, involving industry experts sharing their knowledge and experience across each of the seven GSS Sustainable Pillars of Sport.

All modules and workshops are free to organisations who are participating in the GSS Champions Programme or can be purchased on an individual basis.

Crowdfunding website

The crowdfunding website aims to provide funding to support the production costs for the course:

  • For the platform via which the course will be created and offered on;
  • For the creation of different content pieces;
  • For the creation of video content in a studio with proper equipment to ensure the user experience is as professional as possible.

Co-designer of the GSS Educational Programme, Daniel Cade, stated:

“This idea has evolved as a direct result of our consulting work. To roll-out a robust, meaningful, and impactful sustainability strategy, everyone within the organisation has to be on board. We’ve found in the past that the understanding as to what sustainability is, how it is relevant to sport, and why activities should be performed outside of the sustainability department, is lacking. That’s why we’re building this course.”

GSS Educational Programme Co-designer Nico Decurtins added:

“We are trying to inspire and ultimately change an entire industry. Environmental and social responsibility in sport needs to take a big step. With this programme we’re trying to scale our own reach and give more organisations and individuals access to our knowledge, and that of other experts from around the world. Together, we can leverage the power of sport, and we hope that by offering this programme we can provide that lever.”

“To make sure we also reach those who are struggling to finance the course fees, we have decided to give away one education programme for free for every €1,000 worth of donations as part of this fundraiser.”

For every €1,000 donated, a free educational place will be provided to someone who cannot afford a place on the course. To apply for a free place on the course, simply click on this link. To donate to the crowdfunding programme click on the link below.




The GSS Educational Programme is being run in parallel with Global Sustainable Sport’s Champions of Sustainability Programme.

GSS Champions of Sustainability Programme.

The aim of the GSS Champions of Sustainability Programme is to help every sports organisation, federation, team, league, club, event, venue, host city, nation, brand, broadcaster and supplier to become a “Champion of Sustainability”.

Mike Laflin, CEO and Founder of Global Sustainable Sport, commented:

“The Champions of Sustainability Programme is both aspirational and inclusive; aspirational in that everyone should aim to become a Champion of Sustainability, and inclusive in that everyone can become a champion. There is no number one – everyone in the sports industry comes together to drive sustainability through sport.

“The programme connects perfectly with our educational programme as it helps organisations and people develop their knowledge and understanding of sustainability as they progress from the planning stage through to becoming a Champion of Sustainability.”

Global Sustainable Sport is now inviting organisations from all over the world to join the GSS Champions of Sustainability Programme. Global Sustainable Sport is also looking for partners to support the programme on a global and national level.

The programme will launch in September with the Global Sustainable Sports Survey, which is free to participate in. Organisations can then join the Champions programme , which will include a full evaluation and assessment of their activities at the end of 2023. The programme will conclude with a series of reports published on different elements of sport and sustainability and an awards programme in spring 2024 to recognise the amazing achievements of different stakeholders across the different GSS Sustainable Pillars of Sport.

The Champions programme will be supported by the educational programme which will help sports organisations move through the various stages, from planning to developing, developed, advanced and, finally, to becoming a Champion. It may take many years for an organisation to become a Champion, but by joining the programme sports stakeholders will receive guidance and direction towards developing a strong and meaningful sustainability strategy, making a positive impact along the way.


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