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Core Modules

Discover the Core Modules of Our Sustainability in Sport Online Course


We’ve designed five essential Core Modules to provide you with a robust foundation and practical approach to sustainability in sports.


Join us to learn how you and your organisation can ensure a positive impact through your day-to-day work.

Module 1: An Introduction to Sustainability in Sport



  • Understanding Sustainability: Definitions, history, and fundamental concepts
  • The Importance for Sports Organisations: Social and environmental responsibilities at macro, meso, and micro levels.
  • Relevant Standards and Frameworks: Including SDGs, ISO, GRI, and the UN Sports for Climate Action Framework.
  • The 7 Sustainable Pillars of Sport: Co-created by industry experts, offering a comprehensive tour of sustainability and its connection to sports.

Module 2: Developing a Sustainability Strategy



  • Five Core Principles: Reflecting the values of typical sports organisations.
  • Exploring a Pathway to Strategy Development:
  • Screening: Assessing the current situation and defining your starting point.
  • Impact Identification: Establishing a working group and identifying impacts.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Consulting key stakeholders with real-life examples.
  • Materiality: Assessing economic, environmental, and social impacts.

Module 3: Impact Measurement and Sustainability Reporting


Understanding Impact: What, why, and how of impact measurement.

Blueprint for Sustainability:

  • Objectives: Defining the impact you want to achieve.
  • Activities: How to achieve it.
  • Metrics: Measuring success.
  • Targets: Setting achievable goals.

Sustainability Reporting in Sport: Reporting on the impact we are measuring, looking at the current practice and possible trends.

Module 4: Organising Sustainable Sport Events



  • Recognising Sustainability Impacts: Understanding common sustainability impacts associated with sporting events.
  • An Introduction to Sustainable Event Organisation: Focusing on key principles and essential considerations.
  • Understanding Legacy in Sports: Exploring practical applications within sport organisations.
  • Tools for Sustainable Event Management: Valuable tools for managing events sustainably.

Module 5: Case Studies in Sport and Sustainability.



  • Analysing Case Studies: Using established case studies to identify key success factors and assess their various impacts.
  • Applying GSS Sustainable Pillars: Relating each of the seven GSS Sustainable Pillars of Sport to real-life examples.
  • Understanding Global Approaches to Sustainability: Diverse approaches to sustainability employed by sport organisations across different countries and disciplines.

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