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    GSS 2024 Congress and Online Workshop
    Rates for 1 Participant

    GSS 2024 Congress Only
    (Early Bird Rate available until 31/03/24 - €895 thereafter)
    Rates for 1 Participant

    Online Workshop Only
    Rates for 1 Participant

    GSS 2024

    GSS 2024 is more than just a one-off event. It is a series of online workshops and an in-person conference discussing a range of topics based around the 7 Sustainable Pillars of Sport and Purpose.


    GS2024 is a year-round engagement where the global sports community comes together to share knowledge, ideas and experiences with each other and to drive better outcomes through sustainability and purpose.

    GSS 2024 aims to accelerate change and activity, encouraging more sports organisations to act now and drive better outcomes through sustainability and purpose

    Accelerating sustainability through sport


    GSS 2024 Conference

    GSS 2024 Conference

    June 26-27, Olympia Park, Munich

    A unique in-person conference will be held during UEFA Euro 2024 on June 26th to 27th, at the Olympia Park, in Munich, the home for the Fan Zone.

    Space is limited for this so early registration is strongly recommended.

    An early-bird registration fee is offered until 31st March 2024 of €695.

    Online Workshops

    GSS 2024 will organise a range of online workshops based around GSS’s seven sustainable pillars of sport and purpose

    The workshops will start in April and will run through to December 2024.


    7 Pillars – 4 Workstreams

    There will be four workstreams based on the 7 Sustainable Pilars of Sport and Purpose with a wide variety of sub-streams:

    • Partnerships & Purpose: Federations, NGOs, Events, Hosts, Leagues, Teams, Sponsors, Suppliers, Athletes
    • People and Participation: Diversity, Equality & Inclusion, Human Rights, Women’s Sport, Adult Participation, Getting kids active, Active Lifestyle, Community, Volunteering
    • Planet and Profile: Climate, Carbon, Oceans, Clean Air, Land, Bio-Diversity, Energy, Waste, Fan & Athlete Travel, Engagement
    • Power and Prosperity: Governance, Circular Economy, Risk, Insurance, Innovation, Economic, Media, Commercial Rights, ROI


    3 Partner Programmes

    GSS 2024 will offer three partner packages plus supporting and academic partner programmes:

    • Partners for Purpose
    • Pillar Partners
    • Workstream Partners



    GSS 2024 will attracte a range of speakers from across the sports industry

    • Presidents
    • General Secreataries
    • CEOs
    • Heads of Sustainability


    GSS 2024 Delegate Benefits:

    • Networking Opportunities – Online and in-person

    • Connecting with people from all over the world

    • Knowledge, market insights & trends

    • Community engagement with like-minded people

    • Innovation and new technology

    • Advocacy & policy making

    • Sharing ideas and experiences

    • Driving sustainability and purpose through sport

    • Making a difference