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Drive to hire sustainability-focused staff in sport, survey finds

September 07 2023 - News Release News Editorial

Consultancy Touchline Earth has launched its Sustainability Professionals in Sport Survey 2023, which revealed changing attitudes within sports and a drive to hire individuals with a focus on environmental issues.

Drive to hire sustainability-focused staff in sport, survey finds

While the sample size of respondents was relatively small, Touchline Earth’s research found that sustainability professionals worked for event organisers (20.5%), a league (15.9%), an international federation or Boyd (25%), a national federation or body (20.5%), or a club/team (18.2%). 

Respondents also noted the type of work that they undertake within their role, and this included sustainability strategy, action planning, reporting, assessment and more. Perhaps most importantly, 46% said that sustainability was a ‘core strategic priority’ within their sporting organisation; 61% said they had budgets upwards of $50,000 for sustainability work; and 48% felt the most progress they make will be around climate action. 

The report also revealed that event organisers and clubs/teams perceived sustainability as a core priority more than international or national federations. 

Respondents felt that their organisation would make the most progress in 2023, with nearly half predicting that they would move forward with climate action, and carbon reduction and measurement. 

They also expressed growing optimism around sustainability and reducing carbon footprints within sports. 

Image: Marcos Moraes on Unsplash

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