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Get to know our international Academies

September 28 2023 - News Release News Editorial

Venezuela, the United States, Ireland, Panama and Ecuador are the countries in which the Academy continues to expand the Atlético de Madrid methodology outside of our country.

Get to know our international Academies

Atlético de Madrid, through the Academy, continues to grow and expand the club’s methodology outside of Spain, having academies in five countries (United States, Venezuela, Panama, Ireland and Ecuador). Together with coaches from our Academy who travel to these countries and the help of our partners, we ensure that children can enjoy the passion of football and the red and white values.

Panama was the first country in which we began to work with the values ​​and identity of our club. Since 2018, the CDE Sport Center in Panama City has hosted the teams that compete in the Panamanian leagues. In total, our Academy, thanks to the help of our partner Aseguradora Ancón, has 14 teams there.

In 2020 we made the leap to the United States. Miami was the setting chosen to create the second international Academy. We have two headquarters located in the city of Doral, one headquarters in the city of Hialeah and another headquarters in the city of North Miami Beach. Development and Scouting, LLC is our partner in the North American country and by working together with them we have managed to have 26 teams.

In Europe we are also expanding the Atlético de Madrid brand in Ireland. In 2022 we created, together with our partner FC Eagles, the Academy in the Irish country in which we have nine teams. Children have two venues: one for summer, which is the Phoenix Park, and another for winter, which is the IRFU High Performance Facility.

Already this year we also inaugurated our Academy in Ecuador. The agreement was sealed with our Ecuadorian partner the Guayaquil Charity Board. In just a few months of working together we have managed to have six high-performance teams and 24 training teams. The Pérez Perasso Sports City is the place where all these children exercise and grow, not only in sports but also personally, on a daily basis.

Our fifth and last Academy has recently been created in Venezuela. Together with our partner Sport City CSS we are working on access tests for children and thus begin a new international experience in the Venezuelan country. The Guacamaya Sports Center will be the place where our Academy will be installed.

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