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France Rugby World Cup 2023 launches carpooling platform

August 31 2023 - News Release News Editorial

France 2023 and TotalEnergies have launched a car-sharing platform for the upcoming Rugby World Cup 2023.

France Rugby World Cup 2023 launches carpooling platform

Organisers and the energy and petroleum company have worked with a French start-up to set up a dedicated car-sharing solution ahead of the Rugby World Cup. The aim is to help fans connect and share journeys to reduce the environmental impact of matches. 

The platform will enable fans to create a profile, list which stadium they are driving to and that there is a space free in the vehicle. Then, fans can suggest an outward and/or return journey on the platform. 

Fans call also create a profile if they require transport to a match. 

Passengers will pay part of the fare to the driver, with prices capped according to the current flat-rate scale adapted to the distance. No commission is deducted apart from the start-up’s management costs, which is capped at €1. 

Rugby World Cup 2023 is aiming to reduce the carbon footprint and emissions associated with fan travel to the 10 cities hosting the 48 matches. According to the French environment agency ADEME, a 200km journey by car with four people instead of four individual journeys would avoid emissions of 132kg of CO2. 

Image: Darwin Vegher on Unsplash

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