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France 2023: a Rugby World Cup with a positive impact

December 07 2021

The Rugby World Cup France 2023 Organising Committee revealed this Tuesday an action plan aimed at leaving a social and environmental legacy that will resonate beyond the tournament.

France 2023: a Rugby World Cup with a positive impact

At the Académie du Climat in Paris, Rugby World Cup France 2023 and World Rugby confirmed their ambition to raise the existing standards for international sporting events in terms of social responsibility, inclusion, and sustainable development.

Four key engagements have been taken: acting for a sustainable and circular economy; investing in education, training and employment; reducing impact on the environment; fostering inclusion and accessibility for all. France 2023 also presented 15 innovative projects, some already launched and others soon to be deployed, which all bring tangible proof of France 2023’s positive action.


France 2023 has implemented a responsible procurement policy, based on a grid of environmental criteria, also earmarking some of its public tenders to companies from the social and solidarity economy, including inclusive entities employing people with disabilities.

This willingness to have a long-term positive impact is also at the heart of the Campus 2023 programme, which will provide 3,000 young men and women with an education in the sports and entertainment industry through three modules (sports, tourism, security). Beyond developing experts for the future, France 2023 wishes to foster a new generation of citizens, committed to act for the greater good through involvement in food banks, collection of cigarette butts or recycling of mobile phones at local rugby clubs.

Between RWC 2023’s quarter and semi-finals, France 2023 will organise the International Wheelchair Rugby Cup, in collaboration with World Wheelchair Rugby (WWF). A first for a RWC Organising Committee, the tournament is an opportunity to give unprecedented visibility to a spectacular, inclusive and mixed sport.

Amongst other initiatives, a green mobility platform will be developed to offer RWC fans all eco-friendly travel solutions available (carpooling, green taxis, scooter, electric buses…)  and Rugby World Cup 2023’s medals will be produced from recycled electronic components.


To achieve Rugby World Cup 2023’s ambition to have a positive impact, it will require everyone involved to play their part, from host cities to fans, players to tournament officials and media to commercial partners. Through its Players’ Committee chaired by John Eales, France 2023 will invite RWC 2023’s 660 players to partake in initiatives with positive impact, both on and off the pitch.

Already a signatory of the French Ministry of Sports and WWF’s charter for responsible and sustainable sporting events (“15 engagements éco-responsables des événements sportifs”), France 2023 has also committed to measure and publish the impact of its CSR action plan through a collaboration with independent experts.

“When organising one of the world’s biggest and best loved sports events like Rugby World Cup, it is essential to seize the incredible opportunity to harness the power of rugby to deliver a positive and meaningful impact. Much more than an opportunity, it is also our responsibility. World Rugby Chairman Sir Bill Beaumont
Together with France 2023, we share the passion that Rugby World Cup 2023 can be a catalyst for positive change and play an important role in the advancement of modern society as a whole. The ambitious CSR strategy has been tailored to fulfil that vision, bringing tangible proofs and presenting the roadmap to organise the most sustainable and purpose-driven Rugby World Cup ever. ” World Rugby Chairman Sir Bill Beaumont
“Rugby World Cup France 2023 wants to lead a paradigm shift in how international sporting events are conceived and delivered. As an Organising Committee, we must be aware of our role in society, in the world of today and tomorrow. This is our responsibility. Beyond our words, we will deliver on specific proof points. I am immensely proud of our CSR strategy, which is both ambitious and relevant, and the action we have chosen that will benefit our society and our planet.” France 2023 CEO Claude Atcher

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