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Fortune for everyone: Fortune Dusseldorf is breaking new ground

April 26 2023 - News Release News Editorial

Second division soccer team Fortuna Düsseldorf presented its new strategic orientation today. With a completely new concept, the traditional club would like to enable first-class football in and for the city of Düsseldorf in the long term.

Fortune for everyone: Fortune Dusseldorf is breaking new ground

“We want to make it clear what Fortuna Düsseldorf stands for. That’s why we’re doing things differently with ‘Fortuna for everyone’ and breaking new ground,” explains the CEO of Fortuna Düsseldorf, Alexander Jobst.

The new strategic orientation “Fortuna for everyone” is based on four cornerstones:

1. Fortuna Düsseldorf as part of the city
The goal of the club is to allow all fans free entry to league home games, regardless of whether they are Fortuna members, season ticket holders, the organized Support, regular stadium visitors or guest fans. This is to be implemented for individual home games in a pilot phase in the 2023/24 season. 

“We want everyone to be able to experience football in Düsseldorf and thus anchor Fortuna much more firmly in our city. Long-term partnerships make this possible. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Targobank, Provincial and Common Goal share our belief that football belongs first and foremost to the fans,” said Jobst.

2. The whole association benefits from a transparent use of funds
Fortuna Düsseldorf will use the sponsoring income generated via the new method differently in the future. In addition to investments in the professional squad, 20 percent should go to youth and women’s football. The digital infrastructure and the arena should also benefit with 20 percent. With ten percent of the newly raised funds, the club will promote mass sport in the city and get involved in ESG projects. To this end, Fortuna will reposition itself as an association in this area and also implement projects together with its partner Common Goal.

3. The stadium as a red and white home 
Alexander Jobst: “The stadium is a key issue for us. We see development opportunities here – for the city, for Fortuna and for the fans. Our goal is clear: a red and white home for all fortunes. That’s why we’re now tackling the issue together with the city.”

4. Fortuna remains a club that belongs to the fans
As part of “Fortuna for everyone”, the club will also create more opportunities for fans to get actively involved and help shape the new path. Fortuna Düsseldorf relies on modern, digital forms of participation to reach more people. In addition, there will be workshops with fans, members and employees, which will be offered in the coming weeks and months: “We want to listen and create together. The association belongs to everyone who participates and contributes with passion,” emphasizes Jobst. 

Stadtspitze supports the new path of the association
“As the state capital, we have a natural interest in strong Fortuna. That’s why, as Lord Mayor, I support Fortuna’s new path, which aims to open up football to everyone and anchor it more firmly in the city and in the hearts of its citizens. This unique concept shows what Düsseldorf can do and is a win for our sports city. With a view to the arena, we are striving for closer cooperation. We will now work out together exactly what this could look like,” explains Dr. Stephan Keller, Mayor of the City of Düsseldorf. 

Long-term partnerships enable the new path
Companies from the region are committed to supporting this concept in order to change football in Düsseldorf in the long term and will bring in a total of around 45 million euros over the next five years with long-term partnerships. The partners will also actively contribute to Fortuna’s new path with their own projects. In accordance with the transparent use of funds, the money goes not only into professional football, but also into youth football, women’s football, digital infrastructure and sustainable and social projects. The ticket income that is gradually being lost is also compensated for in this way.

“In order to be able to offer all home games free of charge, we need other long-term partners on our common path. We are happy about the companies that are already on board and are open to other companions who want to walk this extraordinary path with us. We embark on a journey together, where things can still change. And that’s just as well. But we have a clear goal, a common idea, strong partners and incredible fans,” concludes Jobst.

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