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Formula E chief takes aim at Formula 1’s sustainability credentials

July 20 2023 - News Release News Editorial

Formula E Chief Executive Jeff Dodds has criticised Formula 1 over its sustainability efforts, arguing that its discussions stem from a “very low base”.

Formula E chief takes aim at Formula 1’s sustainability credentials

The two series are FIA-sanctioned with Formula E utilising all-electric race cars and Formula 1 attempting to become net zero carbon by 2030. 

Dodds told City A.M: “Let’s be clear, that [F1] is not a sustainable sport. I’ll give them credit for getting better but let’s not try and convince anybody that that’s a big sustainable sport, because it’s not.

“There is a market for Formula 1 and people like the series, and therefore I give them full credit for anything they’re doing to try and improve their existing position.

“So anything they do that is material and meaningful that makes them more sustainable, they should get credit for. [But] when I say a low base, [it’s] a very low base.”

Dodds continued: “Based on snippets of information I picked up on Formula 1, the annual impact is around 250,000 tonnes of carbon and I think that excludes things like fan travel and stuff like that. So I’m not surprised Formula 1 is talking about it [sustainability].

“Because they are. You only have to read the press or pick up the newspaper or turn on the telly and they’re talking about sustainability. But let’s be clear, you know that they’re talking about sustainability from a very, very low base.”

Formula 1’s Head of ESG Ellen Jones told the financial publication: “Formula 1 has always been at the forefront of innovation, from creating the world’s most efficient hybrid engines to pioneering 100% sustainable fuels which will run in our championship from 2026.

“We are making material changes to our business to reach net zero by 2030, reducing our carbon footprint by transforming our logistics networks, enhancing our remote broadcast capabilities, and powering our operations with renewable energy.”

Image: Chris Kaeppeli on Unsplash

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