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‘FIFA Corridor’ to enhance mobility ahead of 2026 World Cup

February 01 2024 - News Release News Editorial

Samuel García, the Governor of Nuevo León, Mexico, has introduced the new ‘FIFA Corridor’ project, with the aim of enhancing mobility, connectivity and sustainability during the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

‘FIFA Corridor’ to enhance mobility ahead of 2026 World Cup

The corridor will link capital of the state Monterrey’s public spaces and tourist attractions to the host BBVA Stadium, while also prioritising pedestrians, cyclists and the use of public transport.  

A key point of the project is the modernisation of Nuevo León’s transport system, including the introduction of 2,200 new eco-friendly buses, 400 new TransMetros, 100% electric DRT vehicles, and three new Metro lines. 

Mexico is set to hold the 2026 World Cup alongside the US and Canada, with Estadio BBVA pegged as a host venue. 

The 51,000-capacity stadium in Guadalupe, Greater Monterrey, was opened in 2015, and is one of three host locations in Mexico alongside Guadalajara and Mexico City. 

Image: David Liceaga on Unsplash


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