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Desert Vipers on the crease with Bat For A Chance

January 11 2024

The Desert Vipers and UK-based initiative Bat For A Chance have struck a deal that will see the Dubai cricket franchise, its players and staff supply kit and equipment to enable children and young people to experience cricket.

Desert Vipers on the crease with Bat For A Chance

The kit donated by the Desert Vipers will be distributed to schools, clubs and academies across the globe. 

Desert Vipers Head Coach James Foster commented: “This partnership is absolutely great because, personally, matters around the environment and raising climate awareness are subjects I feel passionate about and aligned to.

“There is so much more that we can all be doing, but when a franchise or a group of people are driving something to make a real change – and this agreement between the Desert Vipers and Bat For A Chance is an example of that – it fills us all as the squad with great pride and satisfaction to be a part of such a movement.”

The partnership will also see the Desert Vipers provide match tickets to migrant works across the UAE for season two of the DP World ILT20 cricket competition. The second campaign of the T20 league will begin on January 19, with a match between Sharjah Warriors and Gulf Giants. 

"Matters around the environment and raising climate awareness are subjects I feel passionate about and aligned to." Desert Vipers Head Coach James Foster

“This partnership with Bat For A Chance chimes perfectly with our Sustainability Strategy Framework,” said Desert Vipers Chief Executive Phil Oliver. “We have already become Dubai’s first signatory to the United Nations Sports for Climate Action Framework with the aim to reduce our emissions by 50% by 2030 and reach net zero by 2040.

“Providing used and unused kit and equipment to Bat For A Chance is one way we can achieve our target as it means we are living our values to reuse, recycle and reduce, as well as providing high-quality items for people to use and enjoy.

“And with this agreement touching our schools programme and affording opportunities for migrant workers to enjoy our matches during the DP World ILT20, it should mean our message on the environment is spread to a wide audience.”

Children that take part in the Desert Vipers’ schools outreach programme will also be encouraged to provide new or high-quality used clothing and equipment to the initiative.

“Our agreement with the Desert Vipers is a perfect partnership. Bat For A Chance will receive high-quality clothing and equipment to redistribute to people who need it across the world, and workers within the UAE will be given the chance to watch matches, something they may not otherwise have been able to do, all helping the Desert Vipers achieve their climate goals,” added Omar Khan, the Chair of the Bat For A Chance Trustees.

“At the same time, the profile of Bat For a Chance will be raised, something we hope will allow us to continue and expand our work globally. It is a win-win for both the Desert Vipers and Bat For A Chance, and we cannot wait to get started.”


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