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Cycling towards sustainability

March 02 2023

The inaugural Tour de Kyushu cycling race will take place in the Kyushu region of Japan in October, promoting both the sport of cycling and sustainability.

Cycling towards sustainability

Taking place over four days, the event will begin in Fukuoka with riders twisting and turning through the Kumamoto and Oita prefectures. It is hoped that the event will encourage cultural exchange and tourism, but with a focus on sustainability. 

“When people go to see the Tour de France, they also see a castle, and drink wine. Bringing people to Kyushu for this race will promote tourism too,” Ryuzo Nakaya, Event Director at Tour de Kyushu, told Japan 2 Earth. 

"Bringing people to Kyushu for this race will promote tourism too.” Ryuzo Nakaya, Event Director at Tour de Kyushu

Organisers of the race are hoping to have 18 teams participate in the event, with each team having six members. The goal is to have half of these participating teams come from other countries, with the combined visits from participants and spectators from across Japan bringing a boost to the local economy.

The organisers have also set a goal of reducing the event’s environmental impact, which has led to negotiations with car manufacturers in Japan over utilizing hydrogen-powered or hybrid low-carbon support vehicles. Further efforts include plans to reduce plastic waste and utilise renewable energy.

Image: Maico Amorim on Unsplash

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