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Coventry stadium supercharges sustainability efforts with SKOOT partnership

November 02 2023

Coventry Building Society Arena is aiming to become one of the greenest venues in the UK following the announcement of a partnership with sustainability platform SKOOT.

Coventry stadium supercharges sustainability efforts with SKOOT partnership

Under a carbon reduction partnership programme called ‘32F’, the two entities will work together to introduce sustainable practices for sporting events and live entertainment at the venue. SKOOT will also enable CBS Arena to work with its guests on sustainable initiatives, including the removal of ocean plastic, global tree planting in devastated regions, support for verified carbon projects, and engagement in local community initiatives. 

“There’s growing demand on venues and arenas to become more sustainable, but often it’s difficult to know where to start, which is why SKOOT develops these tailored programmes for venues,” said Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of SKOOT, Mark Stringer. 

“We are delighted to partner with Coventry Building Society Arena, located in the heart of the Midlands, to make an impact on this world-class, cutting-edge venue. We believe this partnership will create a ripple effect among fans, showing that all their small actions can have a huge positive impact.”

SKOOT will work with its NGO (non-governmental organisations) partners, Plastic Bank, to help eliminate 20,000 ocean plastic bottles, and plant 10,000 trees with Eden Reforestation, courtesy of Bidfood Group, on behalf of the arena. One tree will be planted in Hindi Nepal per arena employee through the partnership with Eden Reforestation.

“There’s growing demand on venues and arenas to become more sustainable." Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of SKOOT, Mark Stringer

Fans will be encouraged to get involved with sustainability efforts, as QR codes will be strategically placed around the arena near recycling bins and parking areas. Guests will be able to scan the codes to support tree planting and ocean plastic removal to offset the carbon emitted from their visit.

Elsewhere in the stadium, real-time impact counters and digital screens will be displayed, demonstrating the collective positive impact made by the arena’s team and guests.

“Our partnership with SKOOT is an important step in our ongoing commitment to improving our environmental impact. What we particularly like about SKOOT is its ability to bring fans, exhibitors, and visitors on this sustainability journey with us,” said Paul Michael, Managing Director at Coventry Building Society Arena.

“Through this partnership, we can be transparent about our progress and encourage all guests to be more conscious of their environmental impact when visiting the Coventry Building Society Arena. We hope that through this partnership, we can make a positive impact not only in Coventry but also in communities around the world.”

A small eco-contribution will be added to each bar and restaurant purchase, to support the goal of planting over 100,000 trees by the end of 2024. SKOOT will work alongside arena staff to calculate and offset the carbon footprint of each event, encouraging guests to explore different methods to reduce their own emissions.

A key element of the new partnership centres around increasing fan engagement on sustainability through competitions. For each fan that participates in the competition, a tree will be planted and winners will receive tickets for ‘The Greenest Seats in the House’ to events held at the arena.

The partnership builds on sustainability plans already implemented by the venue, including the introduction of sustainable packaging, responsible food suppliers and enhanced recycling stations.

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