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Connecting COP28 Outcomes To Sport – Claire Poole, Sport Positive

December 13 2023 - News Release News Editorial

Claire Poole, founder and CEO of Sports Positive, didn't manage to journey to Dubai for COP28. Instead she published an article in Forbes, 'Connecting COP28 Outcomes To Sport.'

Connecting COP28 Outcomes To Sport – Claire Poole, Sport Positive

Sports were visible across the two-week summit, the highlight of which was the five-year anniversary of UN Sports for Climate Action Framework, which was launched at COP24 in Katowice, Poland.

Poole’s key takeaways from COP28 in a sporting context were:


Sport can’t dismantle the $7 trillion currently given annually in subsidies to oil, coal and gas, but sport can:

  • Not seek or accept sponsorship from or align with fossil fuel organizations or those who finance or underwrite fossil fuel exploration, extraction or distribution
  • Increase renewable energy capacity at sports venues and training grounds
  • Encourage fans and organizations in their ecosystem and supply chain to transition to renewable energy in their own homes and businesses
  • Ensure facilities, buildings and venue are as energy efficient as possible
  • Collect data on energy use and energy efficiency and disclose those through effective and clear reporting


Sport can support by:

  • Changing competition schedules and locations to reduce travel distances, and make routes and timing more efficient, as quickly as possible
  • Encourage and incentivise fans and participants to use active and green public transport options where possible
  • Power team coaches and transport with sustainable fuels
  • Put guardrails and processes in place to manage staff travel, prioritize videoconferencing where possible, and mandate modes and class of travel depending on need and distance
  • Collect data on staff, organization and fan travel, and disclose through effective and clear reporting


Sport can “Play A Role” in these changes by:

  • Socialize the idea of eating less meat and dairy at sports events and in staff canteens by adding tasty plant-based options or having meat-free menus
  • Use menus at sports events to educate fans on the carbon footprint of various menu items
  • Use education programs and outreach to fans to help educate around food expiration dates to reduce waste
  • Reduce food waste during the preparation of food for sports events and ensure any organic waste is used for energy or composted
  • Platform athletes who are proponents of incorporating more plant based foods in their diet

Poole goes on to summarise



The climate negotiations in Dubai may feel—physically and/or cognitively—a world away from sport to some. Somehow “apart” from the day-to-day grind and prioritization of working in professional and grassroots sport. Claire Poole, Founder, Sport Positive
However, having the privilege of knowing so many incredible change makers in global sport, I am positive that sport will play a key role in achieving the targets in these crucial areas, as we transition to a cleaner, healthier and more just future.

To read the full article click on the link below::

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