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British Triathlon launches sustainability strategy Endurance 2040+

October 05 2023 - News Release News Editorial

Endurance 2040+ is British Triathlon’s sustainability strategy, stating how the organisation and sport can be fit for the future.

British Triathlon launches sustainability strategy Endurance 2040+

As British Triathlon celebrates 40 years since the first British Championships, the organisation has announced the next milestone on its environmental sustainability journey by launching Endurance 2040+.

The strategy outlines the organisation’s commitment to act, collaborate and amplify the work of British Triathlon to develop a more sustainable future for triathlon.

As the national governing body (NGB) for triathlon and multisport, the organisation recognises the unique role it plays within swim, bike, run, and the reliance of the sport on aspects of the natural environment across water, land, and air.

Triathlon shares characteristics with many other activities and, as a result, British Triathlon spearheaded an alliance of NGBs (UK Athletics, British Swimming, England Hockey) plus the UK Sports Institute to pilot a UK Sport backed programme to develop a collaborative model for sustainability action.

The Endurance 2040+ strategy highlights three priorities: a commitment to tackle the climate challenge and become net-zero by 2040; action to restore and preserve water and air quality; and the promotion of responsible production and consumption across the sport.

Water quality issues affecting the UK and impacting triathlon events have highlighted the need for action and awareness on this important topic. Endurance 2040+ will help to safeguard not only the natural environment but also participation in triathlon and open water swimming.

Other areas of the strategy include exploring more sustainable practices in consumption and recycling of kit, the planning and delivery of events, supporting and influencing stakeholders, and making changes within the operations of the organisation.

Following on from the launch of Endurance 2040+, British Triathlon will work with its athletes, members, clubs, event organisers and other stakeholders to communicate its environmental sustainability action plans that will be developed further over the coming months.

British Triathlon has already committed to achieving net-zero by 2040 and is a signatory of  the UN Sport for Climate Action Framework.

In addition to these commitments, British Triathlon hosted international events have been awarded gold and silver awards by World Triathlon as part of their sustainability certification, including AJ Bell 2022 World Triathlon Championship Series Leeds being the first event to receive accreditation when it achieved the gold standard.

Ben Cummings, British Triathlon Director of Partnerships, said: “At the heart of our strategy is a more sustainable future for triathlon: swimming in cleaner water, breathing cleaner air in a healthier environment, and taking action which will have positive benefits for everyone.

“This strategy is not the start and certainly not the end of our journey. We have much work to do, and we will continue to work with our stakeholders and participants to develop our action plans to implement the strategy. We are committed to ensuring that future generations can enjoy swim, bike, run in a thriving natural environment.”

Sara Kassam, Sustainability Advisor UK Sport, said: “We know that environmental sustainability requires action beyond the boundaries of individual organisations. British Triathlon has taken a leadership role and been a catalyst for change across Olympic and Paralympic sport more widely. The work of British Triathlon, together with the other organisations in the Galvanise Alliance, has been an inspiration. At UK Sport, we are excited about the collective action already underway and will continue to lead and support the Olympic and Paralympic community to inspire positive change.”

Speaking at the launch of Endurance 2040+, Tom Bishop, elite British triathlete said: “I’ve experienced firsthand the effect of climate change on the sport.  This has included changes to events due to unclean water and freak weather caused by the changing climate.  As participants of the sport, we have a duty to protect our natural environment and use our voices as athletes to communicate with fans to support our collaborative efforts.”

Antonio Arimany, Secretary General, World Triathlon said: “I would like to commend the work of British Triathlon, demonstrating strong leadership in this area.  The sustainability certification and the role British Triathlon has played on our global sustainability actions will help other federations and event organisers to meet our collective ambition for a more sustainable future for our world of swim bike and run.”

To access Endurance 2040+ British Triathlon’s Environmental Sustainability Strategy click here.

More details about sustainability and the British Triathlon Sustainability Commission can be found here. 

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