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Brisbane 2032 reveals 20-year Legacy Strategy aiming for a healthier, more active and inclusive society

November 14 2023

The delivery partners for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Brisbane 2032 have published Elevate 2042, a strategy that sets out how the organisers plan to make the most of their status as hosts to benefit the host cities and the wider Queensland region, both before and after the Games. It follows a year of community consultation resulting in more than 14,000 suggestions.

Brisbane 2032 reveals 20-year Legacy Strategy aiming for a healthier, more active and inclusive society

As detailed in both the Executive Summary and the full Strategy, Elevate 2042 has been shaped by the aims and ambitions of Olympic Agenda 2020+5, the strategic roadmap for the IOC and the wider Olympic Movement:

“We are planning for a new kind of Games legacy, one that responds to Olympic Agenda 2020+5,” reads the Strategy. “Central to this approach is the idea that the Games fit into the host city and region and not the other way around; and that their impact in the 10 years before and [the] decade after aligns with its future direction.”

“Better, sooner, together through sport”

The stated mission of Elevate 2042 is “to make our region better, sooner, together through sport”, while its vision is that “by 2042, we will live in an inclusive, sustainable and connected society, with more opportunities in life for everyone.”

The strategy sets out four “transformation themes”, which can be mapped to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs):

  • Sport, health and inclusion – ensuring that sport and physical activity are part of life for everyone
  • Connecting people and places – socially, culturally and economically
  • A better future for our environment – showing how every person, their decisions and their behaviours can make a difference
  • Economy of the future – building innovation systems and creating next-generation opportunities.

IOC President Thomas Bach welcomed the launch of the strategy.

“With a vision to deliver an Olympic legacy that will already begin a decade before the Olympic Games and will last long after, Brisbane 2032 is set to help address the needs of the growing Queensland population, and beyond,” he said. “These Olympic Games will not only be Games in Australia and for Australia – these will be Games for the whole Pacific region.”

Elevate 2042 is a joint strategy developed by the Queensland Government, Australian Government, Council of Mayors Southeast Queensland (SEQ), Brisbane City Council, the City of Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast Council, Australian Olympic Committee, Paralympics Australia and Brisbane 2032 Organising Committee.

The Strategy has been informed by a year of community consultation. The process inspired more than 14,000 suggestions submitted through projects like the Brisbane 2032 Hopes and Dreams survey, which invited people from across Queensland, Australia and the world to consider how the region could benefit from the Games; and the Brisbane 2032 Legacy Forum, which welcomed 500 Queenslanders and Australians from diverse regions and backgrounds to contribute ideas that would benefit the community, economy and environment.

The first Implementation Plan, to be developed in 2024, will drive delivery of the early activities up to 2029 by identifying the priority programmes, projects, targets, partnerships, policy levers and funding sources that will be needed to make the legacy goals happen. Local communities and businesses will help prioritise the most important projects for their own areas.

The Olympic Games Brisbane 2032 are scheduled to take place between 23 July and 8 August, with the Paralympic Games following between 24 August and 5 September.

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