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Bentley help local football club with Net Zero goal

April 11 2024

 A delegation from the English Football League Club, Crewe Alexandra, has been on a fact-finding mission to its near neighbours, Bentley Motors, to get the luxury car-maker’s insights on achieving Net Zero status by creating a solar park at the football stadium.

Bentley help local football club with Net Zero goal

Bentley has installed more than 36,000 solar panels at its state-of-the-art manufacturing and design campus in Crewe, Cheshire, and the iconic global company welcomed a team from the promotion-chasing club to share what it has learned about harnessing solar power to achieve significant energy savings.

Crewe Alexandra has planning permission to instal 3000 solar panels across the car park of the Mornflake Stadium in Gresty Road, Crewe.

The Crewe Alex project is led by board member Tony Davison (pictured right) and Head of Commercial, James Becket (left) who visited Bentley along with specialist  consultants to see first hand what can been achieved.

Davison said: “A solar car park at the stadium will effectively make our club Net Zero, meeting our energy costs and even delivering revenue to help take the club forward.

“We were hugely impressed with what Bentley Motors has achieved and their advice and expertise drawn from years of experience will help us progress our plans which still have a number of issues to resolve with energy providers to become reality.”

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