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Athletics, biathlon and floorball collaborate on climate GAMES project

January 12 2023

World Athletics, the International Biathlon Union, the International Floorball Federation and Swedish Floorball Federation have teamed up for a project that will explore how their respective sports can adopt more practices to mitigate their impact on the climate.

Athletics, biathlon and floorball collaborate on climate GAMES project

As part of the GAMES (Green Approaches in Management for Enhancing Sports) project – an Erasmus+ funded initiative – the project coordinators, the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, will analyse the climate governance and management models currently used in the three sports and support the development of decarbonisation strategies for each partner.

The GAMES project has five main aims, including raising awareness and increasing the adoption of climate change mitigation practices by key sports actors, analysing the current climate change governance and management models adopted in the three sports, and supporting the sports with strategic objectives.

The GAMES project will also develop face-to-face and online training modules to improve the knowledge and awareness of sport organisation employees and supporters, and leverage the popularity of athletics, biathlon and floorball to broadly increase environmental awareness.

Over the project’s 30-month period, the GAMES partners will produce a number of deliverables, including webinars, a selection of workshops on decarbonisation and communication, and a mid-term report and conference.

“Achieving meaningful change in a battle against climate change, one of the greatest global challenges we face today, will require building innovative partnerships and collaboration across all sports, at all levels,” said World Athletics president Sebastian Coe. “So, we welcomed the opportunity to work with our colleagues at the IBU, IFF and SIBF on this important research initiative.”

Find out more about GAMES here.

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