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Ascot publishes report as part of Climate Action Framework dedication

August 03 2023

Ascot Racecourse recently released its 2022 ‘Racing to Zero’ report, which showcases its achievements on its way to halving emissions by 2030 and achieving net zero by 2040.

Ascot publishes report as part of Climate Action Framework dedication

The racecourse has also become a signatory of the United Nations’ Sports for Climate Action Framework. 

Sports for Climate Action is working towards two overarching goals: achieving a clear trajectory for the global sports community to combat climate change, and using sports as a unifying tool to unite people from across the globe to promote climate action. 

Being a signatory to the framework means that Ascot has committed to reducing the overall climate impact from sports; promoting greater environmental responsibility; using Ascot’s platforms to educate for climate action; advocating for climate action through communications and promoting sustainable and responsible consumption. 

Signatories are also required at the head-of-organisation level to reach net zero by 2040, and to facilitate action towards emissions reductions targets through strategies. They also have to provide an annual public report to demonstrate work being undertaken. 

“Taking Ascot Racecourse on this sustainability journey is already reaping many rewards." Jonathan Park, Managing Director of 1711 by Ascot

This year, the Village Enclosure was operated as a net zero carbon emissions area at Royal Ascot, despite welcoming 20,000 race-goers across the three days.

Jonathan Park, Managing Director of 1711 by Ascot, which is Ascot’s catering division, said: “Taking Ascot Racecourse on this sustainability journey is already reaping many rewards and signing up to the UN’s Sports For Climate Action Framework demonstrates our commitment for enacting positive change in our sport, community, and wider sporting world as we join many global brands in this pledge.

“An enormous amount of research and planning has gone into this year’s net zero Village Enclosure at Royal Ascot as we build towards a sustainable future. True sustainability goes much further than recycling so we have adopted a sustainable approach that interrogates every aspect of the way we do business.”

The racecourse added that Ascot would seek to reduce, mitigate and avoid carbon emissions wherever possible, year-round, with the aim of altering operations, collecting data, analysing performance, educating and understanding how the business can roll-out a net zero approach.

Image: Rawisara Prachaksubhanit on Unsplash

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