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AS Saint-Étienne intensifies its action in favor of the environment

December 08 2021

While the climate emergency is becoming more and more pressing, AS Saint-Étienne is taking measures without delay to reduce its environmental impact with the ambition of achieving carbon neutrality by 2040.

AS Saint-Étienne intensifies its action in favor of the environment

Aware of the major challenge that the environment represents for future generations, AS Saint-Étienne wishes to intensify its actions in favor of environmental protection. For nearly 10 years, the club, via its association ASSE Cœur-Vert , has launched numerous initiatives in this direction. Today, the objective is to structure them by relying on international experts such as the United Nations Organization or the GoodPlanet Foundation in order to strengthen the impact of the measures already adopted, to develop new ones and to set a course for the years to come.

ASSE is one of the first 50 sports organizations in the world to join the “Race to Zero” program

ASSE is committed alongside the United Nations climate and environment agency (UNFCCC), by adhering to the ” Sports For Climate Action ” program and by committing to carbon neutrality on the horizon 2040 (“ Race to Zero ”). By signing this major agreement with the UN, ASSE is committed to adopting the five principles on which the ” Sports for Climate Action ” program is based: undertaking concrete environmental actions, reducing its carbon footprint, educating on climate issues, promoting sustainable and responsible consumption patterns, and become an ambassador for the climate initiative. If ASSE is the first French club to join the “Race to Zero” program,  it joins, among the signatories of the “ Sports For Climate Action ” program, major players in sport such as FIFA, UEFA, France 2023, Paris 2024 or football clubs such as Arsenal, Juventus, Liverpool, PSG or Wolfsburg . 

At the same time, ASSE measured its carbon footprint in 2021 with the help of the GoodPlanet Foundation. With this approach, ASSE wished to carry out an inventory taking into account its activity as a whole (sporting and extra-sporting activities) on the occasion of the 2019-2020 season, which corresponds to the last season which was not disrupted by the health crisis. With the photograph of its greenhouse gas emissions, ASSE has set itself the goal of improving accounting, season after season. Energy, transport and mobility, food, waste sorting, raising awareness among employees and suppliers, etc. will be part of the areas for improvement.

Recognized both as one of the favorite clubs of the French for nearly 50 years and the most committed in the civic and social field (IPSOS Barometer 2020), thanks to the numerous actions of its association ASSE Cœur-Vert, ASSE shares concerns about climate change and the growing mobilization in favor of the planet. Since 2011, concrete environmental actions have been carried out. Nearly 4,000 trees have been planted in the Loire region by children who have received awareness raising on these subjects. Because raising awareness is at the heart of the project of the ASSE Cœur-Vert association, a territorial education program with the Regional Natural Park of Pilat aimed at primary classes has been launched and nearly 15,000 children have been able to benefit.

At ASSE’s living space, the Robert-Herbin sports center located in L’Étrat, improvements have been made to respond to environmental issues. A rainwater retention basin has been installed. On the question of mobility, ASSE launched its own carpooling site in September 2021 allowing its supporters to benefit from advantages in order to encourage this practice.

A committed social actor, ASSE is proud to embark on a project as ambitious as necessary. She intends to mobilize all of her audiences by her side to carry out her actions in favor of the environment and to make green much more than just a color in her daily life. 

"Climate change is not an abstract concept but a real concern which concerns us all and which will have an impact on our daily lives if everyone does not take action. True to its colors and to the actions undertaken for many years, ASSE is proud to join the UN's " Sports For Climate Action " program, which will enable it to structure and intensify its commitments to the environment and the planet, but also to become an ambassador for the fight against climate change. We will be keen to involve our players, employees, partners and supporters in this approach to act together for a sustainable future. And Green ". Jean-François Soucasse, Executive President of AS Saint-Étienne
" For almost 10 years, AS Saint-Étienne has placed the preservation of the environment among the major axes of action of its association ASSE Cœur-Vert. This concrete commitment is now completed by the signing of the two ambitious but necessary programs of the United Nations agency Aware of its own carbon footprint and the challenges of this fight against global warming, ASSE hopes, as a strong social actor, unite supporters, clubs and institutions to prevent future threats." Lionel Potillon, Director of ASSE Cœur-Vert
" Sport has a major unifying role in all societies and its actors can be decisive in the major problem of climate change. At a time when COP 26 underlined the climate emergency and the need to carry out concrete actions, we are delighted that AS Saint-Étienne has joined the “ Sports For Climate Action ” initiative and is the first French club to s engage in our " Race to Zero " program ". The club has already carried out and planned concrete initiatives aimed at reducing its environmental footprint. And, as a signatory, it undertakes to reduce its climate impact in accordance with the objectives of the scientific world and to mobilize athletes, fans and all its partners in this adventure. Knowing the excellent image of the club for decades, we hope that this green initiative will inspire many other clubs in France and abroad ." Lindita Xhaferi-Salihu, Head of the " Sports for Climate Action " program of the UN Climate Change organization

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