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Announcement of Dolphins Smile (social contribution activity) ambassador decision

October 31 2022 - News Release News Editorial

We are pleased to announce that the Nagoya Diamond Dolphins have decided on the ambassador players for the social contribution project " Dolphins Smile ", which is implemented as a token of gratitude to the local community . Ambassador players are players who lead the activities that each Dolphins Smile is in charge of.

Announcement of Dolphins Smile (social contribution activity) ambassador decision

Climate Change Project Ambassador #2 Takumi Saito

I myself don’t have much knowledge about climate change, so I feel a little uneasy, but through various activities, I feel the impact of what athletes are saying. I would like to learn and act together with my fans while cooperating with my fans by sending out messages. Climate change is the most important issue in Dolphins Smile, so let’s work together for the future of our children by leveraging the power of sports.

《Climate change project main activities》
Measurement of CO2 emissions, promotion of use of public transportation, elimination of plastics, food drives, local production for local consumption, biodiversity

Child support COCO (here) project ambassador #8 Tenketsu Harimoto

I believe that children are the future of Japan, but there are many children in Japan who are being abused or living in poverty. I hope that through my activities and dissemination, I will be able to involve the people around me more and work together, so that children can live in a better environment, even if just a little. As a professional player, my first priority is to show my fans a good play, but there are still restrictions due to the corona crisis, but I want to think about what I can do. I really want to be a player who can win. Let’s work together so that the children can smile even a little.

《COCO Project Main Activities》
Donation for Dolphins rice, sales of COCO sheets, invitation to children’s homes (annual pass COCO tickets), orange ribbon enlightenment activities

Ambassador for Women’s Participation Promotion Project #11 Yutaro Suda

To be honest, I still don’t know what kind of activities I can do to promote women’s empowerment. However, B.LEAGUE has many female fans, and in my personal fan club, 90% of them are female fans. I myself have not touched on this field until now, but I would like to take this opportunity to face the field of “promotion of women’s empowerment” and deepen my understanding. If more people are active, it will be a big power. Playing and competing is the most important thing, but I think the days when athletes just play are over. Let’s work together to promote the active participation of women through the Dolphins Smile initiative.

<Main Activities of Women’s Participation and Advancement Project>
Talks with women, International Women’s Day enlightenment activities

The Nagoya Diamond Dolphins will promote “Dolphins Smile” activities and contribute to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) through the “3P off-court” initiatives in the fields of Planet, People, and Peace.

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