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Ankura – The Business Behind Sport – Podcast with Mike Laflin

September 05 2023 - News Release News Editorial

Jonny Gray, Senior Managing Director, Sport for Ankura is joined by Mike Laflin, CEO and Founder of Global Sustainable Sport, on this episode of the #TheBusinessBehindSport podcast.

Ankura – The Business Behind Sport – Podcast with Mike Laflin

Together they discuss:

• Mike Laflin’s journey working within the sports industry and what led him to set up Global Sustainable Sport in 2022
• What exactly is “sustainable sport?”
• The seven pillars of sustainable sport that Mike and his team have established and how these can be measured

Listen to the full episode now > https://ankura.co/3R2mgdC

Global Sustainable Sport (GSS) provides a range of products and services to help sports organisations and individuals develop their sustainability strategies and promote their outcomes and activities.

GSS have just launched its Global Sustainable Sports Survey through which GSS hopes to identify which organisations are driving sustainability through sport and which organisations need further support and guidance.

Each question will try to identify what stage each organisation has reached with its sustainability programme. At the end of the survey each organisation will be provided with a summary of its responses and an opportunity to join the GSS Champions of Sustainability Programme.

To participate in the survey click here – Global Sustainable Sports Survey

To participate in the Champions programme click here – GSS Champions of Sustainability Programme.

Ankura is a global consulting company. Its sports practice is a cross-functional team of experts and advisors that brings to the sports sector an extensive level of expertise in risk, compliance, investigations, forensic accounting, construction, infrastructure, and geopolitical advisory – all underpinned by cutting edge technology. See here for more detail.

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