22/23 SnowKidz Report arrived

August 20 2023 - News Release News Editorial

If there was one word to describe the 2022/2023 season of SnowKidz, it would be “progress”. Now the 2022/2023 SnowKidz season report documents this progress and is open for public. Whilst there were many developments in 2022/2023 season of SnowKidz, there a few key milestones of note.

22/23 SnowKidz Report arrived

They are:

· The number of events increased from 359 to 396

· The number of participants grew from 134’578 in 21/22 to 247’569 in 22/23

· The “How to Snowboard with Kids” series was introduced in November and has become the most viewed series in SnowKidz

· The Shred Parks were introduced in July 2022 focusing on the disciplines of Alpine and Snowboard. At the same time testing commenced on a Nordic version of the Shred Parks.

· All tests of the Junior Ski Patrol concept were successful and the concept is on track to be officially added to SnowKidz next season

· Organiser satisfaction with SnowKidz grew to 97%

· Fischer became the official ski of SnowKidz whilst Nitro Snowboards continued their support as the Official Snowboard of the programme.

To obtain the full 22/23 SnowKidz Season report, either use the reader above or hit the link below:



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